Tecnomaster snc, from over 20 years, analyze and focus on high quality masterbatches for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers.  In order to achieve maximum compatibility, our made in Italy products,  are actually supported on customer request.

We truly believe in a close relationship with our customer so as to provide a service based in fast way, trustness and clarity.


Our administrative and operational headquarters are in Malo (VI) ITALY.

Production unit

Our masterbaches are used into many differents applications e.g. toys, household, chairs, tecnical items, eletric cables, automotive, footwear and much more.
According ... read more

Laboratory - Tailor made and quality

Thanks to our advance tecnologies, extensive research and because of the best choice in raw materials, Tecnomaster ensures the realization of a product able to satisfy ... read more

Respect for the environment
Tecnomaster respects the environment following production processes in accordance with the European Regulations and keeping an ethical behavior in the choice of raw materials. ... read more

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